Thursday, November 7, 2013


I had planned on writing something else today, until I watched a video on my Facebook news feed a few minutes ago. It had to do with a woman who was in her SUV that was sinking in ten feet of water during those recent Colorado floods.

As one man attempted to break a window with a stick, several other men swam out to help. One of the other men reached down into the water and was surprised when the woman grabbed his arm. He was able to drag her out of the car and up to the surface where the others helped to get her to safety.

The interesting part of the story was that when the SUV was later brought out of the water, all of the windows were completely closed. Nobody was able to explain how the woman got through the window. Divine intervention? I for one wouldn't discount it - and I'll tell you why.

At one time I had one of those little Fiat Spiders - smallest vehicle I ever owned. I never felt safe driving that thing, especially on the freeways where semi truck drivers loved to get behind me and scare the you know what out of me. I'm not saying that Fiat makes an unsafe car - no way - it's just that I was used to driving full size trucks and V-8's - not little convertible sports cars.

Back to my story - One day I was driving out onto a main road in the city when the Fiat stalled after going through a big dip in the pavement. As I was attempting to restart it, I looked to my left and saw a huge truck coming right at me. I thought I was a goner as the truck didn't appear to be slowing down. Then in an instant I found myself on the other side of the road. The strange thing was that I hadn't gotten the engine going again.

And no - no vehicle (or person) had come up behind to push me out of danger. It just happened - in an instant. Divine intervention? I like to think so. Thanks for reading - see you in a few days.

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