Sunday, November 3, 2013


Hope I didn't get you guys confused with the change of my blog title. I decided I didn't want to keep sending out the "I'm lost" vibration into the universe. While I was searching for a new title, I discovered I already had one - my Twitter name. 

Since Maggie was kind enough to be my guest blogger the other day, I thought it would only be fair to extend the same courtesy to her husband, Jake. If any of you don't know who this couple is, please visit their Facebook page "Jake & Maggie Maguire". Here's the link for your convenience:

Anyway, Jake turned me down. Can you believe that? I tried to explain to him that it was like putting a prologue into a book. Maggie gave us some insight into her early years, and I wanted Jake to do the same. He flat out refused - saying he didn't like to talk about the past. He could tell I wasn't too happy with his refusal, so he tried the "complement" approach - saying that Maggie and I were better at writing than he was. I guess it worked as I stopped trying to push him into it.

So it looks like you'll just have to wait until I get Summer Rain published to find out about his background. Personally, I think he just wants to give off the image of a mysterious leading man. Guess I can't blame him for thinking that since my own image of him resembles that of Pierce Brosnan.

Now I suppose you would like to know what Maggie looks like. Well, to me she's the image of Rene Russo with the Irish attitude that Shirley MacLaine portrays so well. There you have it - a little insight into my main characters.

Now I need to get back into marketing research. I know Jake is upset with me because there haven't been any new Likes on their Facebook page this week. He wants me to step up my game - so much pressure! Thanks for reading - see you in a few days. 

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