Thursday, November 14, 2013


One of the first posts I saw on my Facebook news feed yesterday morning was by a gal who was stating how grateful she was for the seat warmers in her truck - because it was 13 degrees out. Now that's just way too cold for me. I was born and raised in snow country and although I love the stuff, I can't handle the cold. Unfortunately the two go together.

She ended her post by asking "what are you grateful for today?" That was easy. I was grateful that I wasn't in 13 degree weather! In fact, where I live the weather forecast was for a high of 90. Now that temperature a couple of months ago would have been a bit hotter than I like, but at this time of year it was very welcome. We do have to put the heat on early in the morning as the overnight temperatures dip into the 40's. 

Now it did take all morning for the temperature to get that high, but it was a chance to open the windows and air the place out. It's supposed to get into the 80's today, then tomorrow it will cool down again. This three day warm spell is called a Santa Ana. Normally the wind comes off the Pacific Ocean and heads east, but when we have a Santa Ana, the wind shifts and comes from the desert east of us bringing the warmer air with it. (And no we don't have camels in that desert.)

It did give me a chance to do some overdue gardening that I've been putting off due to being glued to this frickin' computer. I don't intend to waste today's warmth either, so I'm going to get this finished and go outside.

Although I prefer to be in a warmer climate, I do enjoy seeing all the snowy backyards - so please keep posting them. Do I miss the snow? Sometimes. Am I grateful not to be living in it? Definitely. Thanks for reading. See you in a few days.

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