Monday, November 18, 2013


When my lovely wife talked me into retiring early from my construction business, I looked forward to spending some quality time with her. Unfortunately that hasn't happened. It didn't take long before I realized what a recluse she had become. I knew that she had gone through the "empty nest" syndrome, but that was quite some time ago - after our son, Casey, had gone off to college.

I knew she was an avid gardener - one only has to look at our landscaping to see that. What I didn't know was how much time she spends in that garden with her beloved cat, Duffy, a pure bred Himalayan. I tried to talk her into taking a cruise, but she complained about being claustrophobic and not wanting to leave her cat in the hands of strangers.

All I want is to take her to tropical locations, walk with her in the sand, and drink margaritas at sunset with the tiki torches lighting the night sky. It all sounds very romantic to me, but for some reason she won't budge from that garden.

So I go off every day and drown my sorrows - in coffee. We live in Costa Mesa, California close to the Newport Beach Yacht Harbor. I have a favorite little coffee shop over there that I frequent where I hang out with my ole buddy, Ernie. I love being near the water and the boats, but I'm not sure how long I can keep this up. It's not in my nature to be so inactive.

If I can make my dream come true, I think I can get Maggie to join me on that cruise. You see, I've decided that I want a yacht of my own. Do you think I'll get it? And how will she react if I do?

Thanks for reading - and for helping Maggie and me to push Joan along on her way to publishing Summer Rain.

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