Sunday, October 13, 2013


Seems like it's been ages that I've been debating about my blog topic. The advisors say to be specific. So I picked a topic, drafted several posts, then put it on the shelf. After repeating that process several times for well over a year (all the time wondering if I should even spend the time blogging), I think I've finally hit on the right topic. So here it is (drum roll please):

I'm going to write about learning how to navigate my way around the internet. I will air my frustrations and my successes, and hopefully in time there will be more of the latter. I might even throw out a few questions, so I would love some feedback. Right now I'm so frustrated that if I could have one wish, I'd ask to go back in time to a more simple era. If I didn't need to create a writer's platform, I'd just roam around facebook and play games.


My only comfort in all this is that I actually know others who are also having problems understanding the constantly changing software. Facebook can't seem to leave well enough alone, and don't even get me started on my smart phone right now. Even with this blog - I had all this started elsewhere, then at the last minute this morning, I went back to square one and decided to go with I had to maneuver through another set of "how-to" sections, while interacting with some fb friends having trouble with LinkedIn. I think I'll have plenty to write about.

I will attempt to keep my posts short - and light hearted, if possible. Not an easy task for me as I tend to be long winded. As to the frequency, I'm thinking twice a week. After all, I have to leave plenty of time to continue learning - and working on my latest novel.

That's it for now. See you in a few days - that's if I don't get Lost in Cyberspace.



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