Thursday, October 17, 2013


In keeping with the theme of this blog, my launch did not go off without a hitch the other day. This has been my first experience with a Google blog, and I thought I was doing well. I actually got the site set up, typed in my post and hit "publish", but then nothing happened. The post just sat there. The link didn't work and when I Googled the blog, it was nowhere to be found.

The link was showing the title of my post, not the title of the blog itself. So I took a chance (not something I'm comfortable doing) and attempted to change the link. I deleted "to blog or not to blog" that was on the link, and typed in "lost in cyberspace". It immediately went back to the former. OK, so that didn't work, but then I really didn't think it would.

After a few minutes I went back to Google my name and voila! It actually took me to Progress. I then went back to my page, and lo and behold the link now made sense. Phew! Houston - we have lift off!

For me that was a huge accomplishment. I don't know if my fiddling with the link had anything to do with it righting itself or not. Maybe it just takes going back and forth with something new to actually get it into the system. Now that I'm up and running with this, I will spend some time learning my way around. I'm still not comfortable with "click this" and it will take you "there". That doesn't always take me where I want to go. It took several tries to even find this draft.

I did get some "gadgets" (as they call them) put on the sidebar. There's a spot to enter your email address if you would like my Blog sent to your inbox. Of course, we have the archive (which only has my last post there for now), and did you see the "Translation" button? Cool idea, as I recently have been making more friends around the world. I hope it works better than the Bing translation on my Facebook feed.

There's a "subscribe" button at the bottom of the post. Not quite sure if that does anything more than let the Blogger know that you're reading the post, and I still need to play around with that Google circle of friends button. As for the "Comment" section, I'm not sure how well that works. I've read in the forum that a lot of people post comments, but then never see them show up. It might have something to do with the arrow next to the Comment section that prompts you to select a profile from one of six accounts. I'm familiar with Google and Word Press, but have no idea what the other four are.

Another option for posting comments or questions would be to join an open group that I have, which is also called Lost in Cyberspace. That way you can carry on conversations with other members too. Here's that link:

It's all another learning experience for me. If you have any insights, I welcome your comments. Thanks for reading. See you in a few days. 


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