Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Jake and Ernie were having a nice conversation with the girls when a noise caught Jake's attention. "Is someone out there?" he yelled.


It was Maggie. She had decided she'd been a little harsh with Jake and came to apologize. She was already stepping onto the yacht when she spotted the girls and blew her stack. "You son of a bitch! One night away from me and you're already fooling around. And to think I was going to apologize to you. Well you can just go to hell and take your friend Ernie with you." That said, she stormed off with Jake chasing after her.

Maggie was already off the yacht before Jake could stop her. While they stood there arguing on the dock, Dana and Ashley decided they'd better leave. They said good bye to Ernie and walked off. Unfortunately for Jake, they passed him and Maggie as they walked down the dock. "Bye Jake," they said in unison. "It was nice meeting you." The two bikini clad suntanned beauties squeezed past Jake and Maggie leaving their coconut oil scent trailling behind.

Jake tried to calm Maggie down. "Come on Mags. Come back on board. Let me show you around," he pleaded.

"Why would you want me on board? I'd just cramp your style."

"We just met them," he said. "They were visiting my neighbor and offered to share their Danish."

"And what else did they offer to share?"

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