Friday, December 27, 2013


One of my Facebook friends posted how she had already taken down her decorations, put them away and cleaned up the aftermath. Wow. Seems a little early to do that but maybe she's without power where she lives in the Northeast. Without power, an unlit Christmas tree would probably be a bit depressing at night, and I suppose doing all that work would help to keep a person warm.

This is definitely the time of year for some clean up. Not only putting away the holiday decorations, but for cleaning unfulfilled wishes out of your head before starting the new year. I pondered over those thoughts yesterday as I watered my garden. I live in the Southwest where we were experiencing 20% humidity yesterday. Couldn't put off watering with humidity that low. Now today I'll have to go out and clean up the leaves and debris created by those warm Santa Ana winds that came off the desert.



I don't mind the outside work - it gives me a chance to warm up in the sunshine and get a little exercise. Problem is - when I go back inside I gravitate back to the keyboard - right past the dirty dishes and dog hair rolling around on the floor. Sure, I pick up the occasional coffee cup and return it to the coffee bar, but other than that, it's either clean house or write. Decisions - decisions!

If you're wondering what my husband is doing while I'm ignoring the dirty house - well, he's reading. I finally broke down and bought an e-reader, and now he's hooked. He's currently reading my friend MJ Summers debut novel, #Break in Two, a sexy romantic story that is keeping him occupied while I do some on line clean up. I had been keeping my e-mails current until I started my writer's platform a few months ago. They started to pile up, and then we had to take the computer in for a tune up. Had almost 300 e-mails by the time we got it back. Yikes! Good news though - I've got it down to under 100. Hoping to get it down to zero by the end of the year.


So - are you busy cleaning up this week too? If not, are you available to come over to my house to do some cleaning? Thanks for reading - see you in a few days.


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